Sunday, December 28, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

I'm not much for New Years resolutions, seriously. It is the realist in me. I don't like setting unrealistic goals, UNLESS I am prepared to actually accomplish them. I must say, I actually debated a New Years resolution this morning. This is what I ate.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas So Far

This morning started WAAAY rtoo early. Cierra woke me up a little after six-o-clock... ugggg. Her waking up so early wasn't a problem in years past. I would tell her, "Give me ten more minutes". That single statement would usually buy me at LEAST a half an hour. Now that she can tell time, it is not so easy.

We were up, opening pressies by 7ish. I am oh-so-tired now. Just dragged myself out of the couch after a two hour nap, still sluggish. I think the past month has just plain caught up with me...

Here is a lil collage from earlier, I plan on taking pictures at Azuma tonight when we go get Teppan, yums!

Merry Christmas People!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Added to me Bloggage

Just made a few little changes to my blog. I added a link to my Photography Portfolio----> over there.

I also added my blogger buddies, "Autobiography of a Material Girl" and "....bygones" to my reads list. Check em' out!

Oh! AND I made a Christmas "" video of the guys that I secretly posted to the Shops Myspace account. CTC's (Custom Tattoo Company's) Big Gay Christmas Video, featuring Jason Radcliff. I now definitely have a practical joke coming my way, this video officially asked for it. LOLZ~

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This weekend posed a lil bit of a challenge for me. For one of the shoots, she wanted to sort of mimick the Kat Von D PETA advertisement which looks like this:

This is what we came up with:

WHAT was I thinking?

I do believe my mind is in a Holiday/ Homework mushity moosh mush! It was my idea to take TWO online Grad courses over the months of November to February. I claim mental insanity, yes, yes, THAT has to be it!

My List of Things to do today looks like this:

Input more on group project 'Tata Group' for MGMT 672.
Post Case Study for MGMT 535.
Post GM company profile for MGMT 672.
E-mail advisor about February online course submissions (next term)

Upload J and K's baby pics from Sunday.
Follow-up with Alex and Stacy (e-mail)

Do tubes at shop...
Do monthly balance with accountant for shop by 5pm. (They are closed next week)

My Schtuff:
Buy Crickets for Lizards.
Buy lettuce for pig and lizards.
Buy chocolate chips for cookies.
Bake Cookies for C's Christmas Party tomorrow.
Cut cheese cubes for C's Christmas Party tomorrow.
Finish printing Bingo cards for C's class party tomorrow.

If I can just get through today/tonight, I will be home-free for a few days IN A ROW! Cierra is spending this weekend with her dad. No homework will be due again untill the day after Christmas. The Christmas party will be over, end-of-month will be finished early and I'll actually have a chance to breath!!! YESSSSSSSSSS.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Perfect Dress...errrr eh-umm Skirt

So tonight I took Cierra to see Santa at Coronado Mall. Aparently all of Albuquerque had the same idea. After standing in line for five minutes, Cierra struck a deal.

Cierra- "This line is really long huh Mom?"

Me- "Sigh, yes. I thought it would be though"

Cierra "Do you LIKE waiting in lines?"

Me- "No, not particularly"

Cierra- " I have an idea for us to do, wanna hear it?"

(I thought she was going to suggest a Christmas carol or patty cake game of some sort, this WAS NOT the case)

- "Did you bring money for a Santa picture?"

Me- "Yes.... How come?"

Cierra- "How about if we take pictures togther over there (pointing at the 3$ photo booth) and use the money for a Christmas dress instead. I really want to wear a dress to my Christmas Party on Friday. I can just mail my letter to Santa." (breath)

(Cierra is a typical girl in that she masters the skill of fitting WAAAY too many words in one breath of air.)

Me- "YESSSS! I think that is a GREAT idea!"

It actually made me laugh, and I was glad NOT to stand in that God-awful line. We ended up going to JCPenney's to look for the perfect Holiday dress. After sifting through racks and racks of dresses, we couldn't find any that were perfect.

Right when we were about to give up, Cierra gave out a gasp that even made the people around us look at her.... It was the perfect poofy, sparkly black skirt! Proof that the perfect piece of clothing trumps even Santa Clause!
My little girl is starting to grow up....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Shoot II

Here is a sample from the second Sunday shoot.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here are some inspiration/ reference shots for tomorrow....

We'll see what happens...


This is a complete list of "I Wants". It is my blog, and sometimes I forget what I want until I see it. I know I'm not the only one, so whatevs!
Cierra made me write a Santa list with her, so here is it SANTA lol.

I want to have my car fixed (that should be happening this week, coming up).

I want a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I want a new set of silverwear.... my spoons have mysteriously dissappeared!

I want a light box set-up to add to my photography shit, that I do not have space for!

I want a massively long (preferrbly 60") lizard tank, so I can put the retardo lizard in with the regular lizard.

I want a new printer, because I want to throw this shitty one over the terrace and watch it go splat into a bazillion different pieces...

I want my own Guitar Hero guitar, so I can put the smack down on Cierra all shred style.

I want one of those double papasan chairs from Pier 1.

I want a new laptop, with a nice HIGH resolution screen so I can actually see what I am doing while retouchin photographs.

I want a new tripod, mine broke (tonight).

I want a hanging iron pots n' pan rack thingy-ma-jig

I want the whole CS4 Creative Suite.

I want more Lancome Color Ideal I-30N foundation.

ooooo! I want new frames/ glasses.

I want a new belt for my buckles, old belt finally died. ;o( grrrowls

I want dark brown or grey tall uggs

I want more argoyle knee socks from Dillards.

I want a proper deep tissue massage, my back is ALL messed up.

I want a new bed/ matress, so I can just sell that futon... pretty sure that cintributes to me back issues...

I want an cell phone with a neato touch screen and full keypad.

I want the Maid Brigade for a weekend and a personal launder. ha ha

Okay, at this point, Cierra, told me I was taking too long. SO, SANTA, I do believe my list is complete............................................for now.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Life Expectancy

I took this life expectancy test. I'm sposed to live till I'm 94, based on the results. It was somethin to do... what can I say? Ha!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Handmade Sch-tuff

Rosy's cage has been done for some time. I've been meaning to post about it, but JUST got around to taking pictures!

The cage liner is made with carogated plastic on top of a contractors trash bag. I have extra to make a spare, but it sits behind the cage for the time being. Fleece lines her cage, but she'll only poo in one place if I have news paper down, so the newspaper is her bathroom. Her food is on the top level. I made the level with two medium cardboard tubes and an old cabinet door on top. I put felt on the cabinet door for traction. It is held there with velcro, so I can change it out if I need to.

I found this great round table at the thrift store down the street for ten bucks sometime ago. Valency gave me the black metal square shelf pieces. I attached valance, so I can hide stuff under the table. Manny welded AND taught me to weld at the same time. For the record... it is ALOT harder than it looks. Totally fun though. Here is a picture of a jewelry holder I welded all by me-self! woot woot!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Success

Cierra's Birthday was yesterday. It was a huge success! Done till next year! Had the party at Hoots, and indoor play gym center. They did EVERYTHING (even the gift list for me)! It was fantastic! Got the cupcakes at Cake Fetish- YUMS!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby and Birthday Blunders

Woke up this morning to see that I missed a call from Jason. Jason is the other artist at the shop. It looks like he and Kristine will have the baby today by lunch time! Will be reschedulin' all mornin' woot woot! Congratulations (in advance) guys!
Here is a belly shot from the photography session I did with them a week ago (perfect timing, I'd say!)

In the meantime, I am curling ribbon on all the party bags for my own baby's Birthday Party today! She decided to have her Birthday party at an indoor play gym called Hoots. (striking resemblance to Hooters, I know)
Anyway, She will be the grand ole age of eight on Tuesday!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dominant Extroverted Intuitive

Right now I am doing homework. For my communications class we took the Myers-Briggs type Inventory. I was the only lucky one in the class with my personality. SPAZ
It made me laugh...


Dominant Extroverted Intuition

“Words, ideas and possibilities spew effortlessly from them. Words are their best friends. They dance around ideas, the more, the merrier. Imaginative, spontaneous, original and enthusiastic, they have a knack for seeing other possibilities, other dreams and options. The world is never as it is but as it could be, as if it were but an artists sketch begging for color. They initiate change and often are prone to trespassing a few known boundaries to take themselves and others where no one has been before. The status quo tends to lack inspiration.
When inspired, they are fearless and tireless. Their energy will know no limits unless red tape takes over. Routine drags them down. Their faith in possibilities and belief in the benefit of change often inspire others to follow. They are challenging, ingenious and innovative. They will give their best to what appears to be an impossible challenge, a place unknown to man or beast.
They use metaphors, stories, images and analogies to make their point. They love theories and often shape their own. They see patterns emerging. Keen improvisers, they are rarely caught off guard; there is always something up their sleeve. The sky is the only limit.
They are sometimes entertainers, artists or otherwise engaged in public demonstrations that allow their ideas to bloom. Their greatest difficulty is not in initiating projects but in choosing among so many possibilities, setting realistic boundaries, establishing priorities and correctly assessing resources.”

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Log Song

Last night (ONeils) five grown men from different parts of the bar were singing the 'log song', in unison before last call. This was slightly entertaining to me....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latex Free Pumkin Pie

AGES ago, in England, I was going to my buddy Valency's house for Thanksgiving. I was always responsible for baking all the pies. That Thanksgiving, I'd just had my nails done and decided to save dough-filled nails, by kneeding with latex gloves. The pies turned out wonderful. I made an extra pumpkin pie just for Valency's babes, Shane.

A few days after the feast, I was talking with Valency who proceeded to tell me about Shane's puffy face. Apparently he was having a very strange reaction to something. She went on to tell me that the only other time that has happened is when he comes in contact with latex. I had COMPLETELY forgot that I used latex gloves to kneed the pie dough with..

Oh God....

I quickly spilled my guts to my friend with hopes she wouldn't completely hate me for the attempt on her husband's life. To my relief she laughed her ass off, and called Shane to tell him.


From that Thanksgiving on, I am glad to say that all my pies are LATEX FREE!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Single-handedly Baking Pies

I got the CUTEST miniature pie tins with lids today at Smiths. They are supposed to be for pot pies, but Cierra and I made some pumpkin and apple pies for gifts tomorrow. I have some nice fall ribbon to fallify them a lil more. My arms still healing, so I'm doin this with one arm basically. If I had a video camera I'd record it for you. I'm sure it is entertaining. I am MAKING A MESS!

The pies look fab though, duh!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo Session from Sunday

Did this session on Sunday with Jason and Kristine! There are more, but it was an intimate shoot, so this is all ya get!

STATS schtats

I am going to take Stats at UNM next term. I am waiting to hear from my counselor which one (if not all) will definitely transfer. Come January... I'm pretty positive that my life will blow! I really DO like manipulating numbers though...

These classes are my 'choices'...

STAT 525 - SAS Programming (Not sure if SAS Programming will be considered STATS of Computer by Embry Riddle; Umm its a fancy schmancy way to read store and manipulate data-evil laugh)
STAT 527 - Advanced Data Analysis I
STAT 528 - Advanced Data Analysis II
STAT 534 - Contingency Tables and Dependence Structures


Monday, November 17, 2008

Coveted Cierra Christmas Pictures

Every year I take pictures of Cierra for photo cards. I haven't sent 'just a card' in years... Anyway, since I had my livingroom converted into a studio for the weekend, I took Cierra's Christmas photo's as well.

Here are a few....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Final Cut

This is all the photos in the Kast Christmas Photo Shoot album from yesterday. I just finished photoshopping them all earlier today. This was a LOT of fun! enjoys!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I wanted to post a couple of snaps from the photo shoot I did this morning for the Kast familia.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

One of my favorite 'kids say the darndest things' stories about Cierra happened last year when she was in 1st grade.
She and I were meeting with the speech therapy teacher to explore the possibility of Cierra in speech therapy. She has a little bit of a lisp. It seems to get better as she gets older. Never-the-less when we were done with the meeting, Cierra asked why she would go to speech class. When I told her that it would be to help her say her s's, t's, th's and ch's a little better. She looked at me kinda weird almost immediately. I asked her what was up. The following is what she had to say:

Cierra- "Do grown ups go to speech class at my school?"

Me- "Nope, just kids, why?"

Cierra- "Mister Martin needs to go to speech class, he has a lisp like me."

(Mr. Martin was/is a Fabulously gay 5th grade teacher at her school... I proceeded to laugh. laugh laugh!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Need for Winter Clothes

I need to shop badly. Necessity purchases. I've made a list, wanna see? But of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here...

-A funky cowl neck hand-made scarf from Etsy..
-A single pair of low-rise wide leg DARK denim jeans.. okay maybe two...
-A couple long-line tees
-Grey scrunch boots
-Wrist warmers, in case my wrists get cold
-A black fitted sweater dress..
-Leg warmers- because they are HOT with super high heels and I secretly collect them.
-Another hat or two, for mornings when I wake up late.
(okay, maybe that's why I NEED more hats-- my waking up late...)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I was 26 years old when I realized that I had no idea how my Grandparent's met. Ironic, since I was recently divorced at that point. Longing for a love story; I asked my Grandmother. Innocently enough, my Grandparents met while they were BOTH serving our country. I suppose I never asked her earlier because I thought she'd be too sad to answer me.

I was in eighth grade when my Grandpa died. It was a blur. I sang at his funeral, even though it felt like I was just moving my lips...I guess people liked it, even though I really didn't care. I don't remember crying that much because I knew he was really sick. I was happy that he wasn't hurting anymore. His arms were marked with tattoos, showing his time in the service and age all at the same time. His voice rasped from smoking cigarettes everyday of service to his country, a habit that died shortly before he did. He spent lots of time at the VFW, where his brothers and friends were, as well as his safe-haven to drink whatever he wanted.

My Grandma, and mom would always give him a hard time about his drinking... I remember that much. I didn't understand what the big deal was, even at a young age. He wasn't hurting anybody, he provided for his family, and I certainly didn't remember him being boligerant. I can only imagine the things that man saw in his days served.... I probably would've drank it away too.

Nonetheless, I gathered some pictures from my Grandma's basement the last time that I was able to visit. In honor of Veteran's Day, I am posting them for you to see. I couldn't find any of my Grandfather in uniform. My dad was in the Air Force as well, I don't have any pictures of him in uniform either. I need to get on that, seriously.

This newspaper clipping is one of my favorites. The Postmaster General honored women of the armed forces by placing them on a U.S. postage stamp. My Grandmother was the representative for the Army (I wish I could find those stamps). She is pictured the second from the left. PFC Lillian M. Petruch.

Here is my Grandma and Grandpa with my mom as a baby. They were certainly ahead of times flying in a de-pressurized aircraft-ugg.

Here is my Grandma...

Politics vs. Beer

I am a firm believer that politics should NEVER be talked about at bars. Tonight at Monte Vista after the Football game watchers left (AZ/ SF game), you could here loud screams coming from the back of the bar. Apparently someone felt he should voice his political view to his dearest friends. All five of his buddies did not agree with him, leaving him to be an annoylingly loud, drunken mess of a man. These men were your typical 'English major' types, who evidently didn't get the memo that you shouldn't tuck in your polo shirts to your cargo jeans- it looks retarded. For that matter, just do away with your polo's; you look like my dad.

It didn't take long for Jeff the bartender to kick him out.

A pint in peace is priceless!

Now THAT should be a Visa commercial!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Poop Chronicles

I do not know why I find the word SO very entertaining when a man says it... but poop has the ability to bring me to hysterics more than any ONE subject.

Tonight at O'Neils I felt the need to do a 'poop at public places' poll. I felt the need to ask perfect strangers if they were a 'poop in public kinda guy'.
Good stuff! I... yes, I.. will poop anywhere.

I find it amusing that women will go to great lengths to mask the fact that they are pooping in public. They will strategically cough, drop things and flush the toilets to hide the fact they are public poopers. My favorite, is the girls who turn on the faucets first, so no-one will hear them.

I always play dumb and turn them all off.....

I know what your thinking...

If you are a woman, you are probably thinking back to how many faucets left on you've run into. Maybe you think I'm mean. I'm not mean... you're just a sissy! lol
If you are a man, you are probably surprised that women do that sort of thing. Come on guys... we are crazy, you know this. Ha!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My very own Hannah Montana Candy bracelet...

This morning I was helping in Cierra's 2nd grade class. It is Friday, This is always how I spend the first few hours of my day. Today we did a restaurant for the kids. We asked all the parents to bring things for a menu that Mrs. West made up. (Hot Dogs, Frito Pie, fruit cups, chips... you get the picture) It was laminated and everything, super Cute! Everyone got to write down what they wanted. Then they had to add the totals and pay the cashier with their fake money.

The kids LOVED it! One of my 'bad boys' did the CUTEST thing!

See, I usually get the group of bad boys/ bully's to work with. The three of them get reading time with me for an hour every Friday morning. I get them, and they get me.. it works out well.

(Accept for the one who kept strategically dropping his pencil, ummm ten times in a row when I was wearing a skirt. I picked it up for him and used it as a pointer- lol)

Those boys are intrigued with my skull-filled arm, which completely entertains me. I'm glad to harness the thought that a heavily tattooed person can be totally productive and smart! That school is in 'The War Zone' of Albuquerque, lord knows these kids see the other side way more than they probably should.

ANYWAY, today after the restraunt ordeal, Little 'J' (bully #2) was starting to bounce off the walls. I put him to work collecting everybody's trash, along with my own child. I told Little 'J' to see if he could collect more trash than my Cierra. That kept him busy for the next twenty minutes or so! Before I left, he ran up to me, reached deep in his pocket and pulled out a Hannah Montana candy bracelet.

"This is for you"...


Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Bang or Not to Bang

I've gone back and forth all day about whether or not to cut my bangs. I still hadn't decided, when an episode of "What Not to Wear" inspired me to tweeze the hell out of them.

For the record, I prefer to have someone else wax or tweeze them, but whatever, I'm broke!

By the time I made my way to the bathroom to tweeze tweeze tweeze, I was un-inspired again. I instead chose to cut my bangs, hiding my browage for the time being.

To All My Photoshop Geeks...

To All My Photoshop Geeks- YOU MUST WATCH THIS!!! It is actually a tutorial on youtube about channels and paths. More importantly, you should turn up your volume and listen to dudes commentary. I don't know if it's just cause it's late, but I thought it was H_I_L_A_R_I_O_U_S!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O-hana O-bama

What a day in history! I am truly glad that I live in a country that enables me to vote. I usually keep all political opinions to myself, this day is no different.
I DO want to share this story though...

All of the kids at my daughter's after-school program voted today...

SHE voted for 'Ohana' as in Hawaiian for 'family'. (think Lilo and Stitch)

When I asked her, "Do you mean O-bama"?

She said, "Yeah... same thing mom".

I thought it was ironically sweet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Armpit Art

Cierra will be at her dad's for Thanksgiving this year. He is taking her to Amarillo.
I asked Manny if he would tattoo my armpit during that time. I won't have a kiddo to take care of, so I'll have the time to heal it out! I cannot describe to you how THAT is going to feel-uggg. The healing process should be entertaining. No shaving. No deoderant (I'll be locking myself in my apartment for a week, while I am hippy-fabulous). I've narrowed it down to three open roses.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I am going to post my Monday post now, before I go to bed 'tonight'... which is actually today... if THAT makes any sense at all! I am feeling very uninspired at the moment. It could be because I wish I could go to my Gramma's funeral in Boston on Thursday. It could be because I am nervous about starting two more classes on Friday.(What's a little MORE on my plate-right?) It could ALSO be because it is 2 in the morning, and I am WIDE awake!

Whatever the cause I thought I would post some VERY old pictures.....

Cierra getting into the toilet paper seven years ago!

He HE Halloween... Who's that Harry Potter? Holy Geese!!

Cierra and I and the Genis's house um AGES ago..

Now the picture below is of me stealing the bathroom deoderizor from the bar to spray AT the bar, because SOMEONE stunk!. The feet you see... are Valency's. Now there is dedication, a girl who is willing to lie on the bathroom floor to get the right 'shot'. lol

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Makeup schtuff

Did some makeup today, for a vampire picture. (makeup, photo and photoshop done by yours truly). Also putting one up that I just got WAAAAy too carried away with.


Rejected... AGAIN!

Got two MORE rejection letters yesterday...

I should just start a blog that has nothing but rejection letters from all the companies I apply to. I get at least two a week, it really is ridiculous. It's not like I'm NOT qualified. I have a damn Management degree. I have over ten years work experience. I'm in Grad school for God's sake...
I am goiing to cut and paste the two most recent ones for your entertainment.

"Thank you for your interest in the American Cancer Society and your recent submission to our Government Relations Director, New Mexico position. We have reviewed your resume/CV and have decided to pursue other candidates whose qualifications are more closely aligned with the position requirements and our current business needs. We encourage you to visit on a regular basis to view current opportunities. We wish you the best in your career search. Thank you"

"Thank you for submitting your application for the position of Airfield Operations Manager with Aviation. We have carefully reviewed all applications received for opening and regret to inform you that you were not selected to be interviewed for the above position. Good Luck in your future employment endeavors. Sincerely, Michelle R. Rallis, City of Albuquerque"

Dough Art

Tonight, I took Cierra to Il Vicino to split a cheese pizza with me. While we were waiting for our food they brought her some pizza dough to play with. Totally cute idea! By the end of dinner, we had used the spinach and left over pizza to make our little creation. I magically had my camera with me...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Snow Queen Costume n Hair

Let the Teasing begin!

This is about twnety minutes in... she was NOT thrilled... I bought the earring hooks at Hobby Lobby and attached them to miniature snowflake ornaments. I used the snowflake ornaments to sew all around her dress. You can't really see them in the picture--- but they are there!
Okay, we are BOTH happy now. I used a necklace at the base of her head, held tight with bobby pinage! The crown was a buck at walgreens. I hot glued snowflakes onto it.

And, HERE is the costume, finally finished. It's hard to see detail since its white- you get the picture though.