Friday, November 7, 2008

My very own Hannah Montana Candy bracelet...

This morning I was helping in Cierra's 2nd grade class. It is Friday, This is always how I spend the first few hours of my day. Today we did a restaurant for the kids. We asked all the parents to bring things for a menu that Mrs. West made up. (Hot Dogs, Frito Pie, fruit cups, chips... you get the picture) It was laminated and everything, super Cute! Everyone got to write down what they wanted. Then they had to add the totals and pay the cashier with their fake money.

The kids LOVED it! One of my 'bad boys' did the CUTEST thing!

See, I usually get the group of bad boys/ bully's to work with. The three of them get reading time with me for an hour every Friday morning. I get them, and they get me.. it works out well.

(Accept for the one who kept strategically dropping his pencil, ummm ten times in a row when I was wearing a skirt. I picked it up for him and used it as a pointer- lol)

Those boys are intrigued with my skull-filled arm, which completely entertains me. I'm glad to harness the thought that a heavily tattooed person can be totally productive and smart! That school is in 'The War Zone' of Albuquerque, lord knows these kids see the other side way more than they probably should.

ANYWAY, today after the restraunt ordeal, Little 'J' (bully #2) was starting to bounce off the walls. I put him to work collecting everybody's trash, along with my own child. I told Little 'J' to see if he could collect more trash than my Cierra. That kept him busy for the next twenty minutes or so! Before I left, he ran up to me, reached deep in his pocket and pulled out a Hannah Montana candy bracelet.

"This is for you"...


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