Sunday, November 9, 2008

Poop Chronicles

I do not know why I find the word SO very entertaining when a man says it... but poop has the ability to bring me to hysterics more than any ONE subject.

Tonight at O'Neils I felt the need to do a 'poop at public places' poll. I felt the need to ask perfect strangers if they were a 'poop in public kinda guy'.
Good stuff! I... yes, I.. will poop anywhere.

I find it amusing that women will go to great lengths to mask the fact that they are pooping in public. They will strategically cough, drop things and flush the toilets to hide the fact they are public poopers. My favorite, is the girls who turn on the faucets first, so no-one will hear them.

I always play dumb and turn them all off.....

I know what your thinking...

If you are a woman, you are probably thinking back to how many faucets left on you've run into. Maybe you think I'm mean. I'm not mean... you're just a sissy! lol
If you are a man, you are probably surprised that women do that sort of thing. Come on guys... we are crazy, you know this. Ha!

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