Sunday, August 31, 2008

Halloween Costume

Cierra adores my friend Allison and is totally ganking her costume idea. She wants to be a Snow Queen for Halloween. I decided to drag my sewing machine out from the bottomless pit called my closet and make one for her. We chose a pretty simple Butterick costume pattern. I am going with the bottom left-hand design, accept rather than bows, I will sew those uber pretty snowflake ornaments to it.
I gave Cierra a few choices, and this is what came of it. The bodice of the dress will be this yummy snow-fur looking chiffon. It is super light-weight and not TOO slippery to sew.
The gathered sash of the dress and shoulder drapes will be this white sheer sparkly organza.

My Newly Framed Goodness

Yesterday I picked up my long-awaited framing order from Hobby Lobby. It was a huge 16x20 of Cierra and I that Manny took with my camera in the beginning of the summer . I've never had a camera with the ability to print pictures beyond 10x13, so I was curious to see how my Nikon that Manny gave me for Christmas would do. Anyway, I ordered the 16x 20 from Kodak, and got it framed during a 40% off custom framing sale. IT LOOKS AMAZING!
That is the one^ up there all framed and purdy! My wall had a large uneven spot, above my mantle, so this covered it nicely.

I made an appointment for my lizards with a lizard Doctor in Edgewood this coming Thursday.... it's gonna be a busy busy week! My sick lizard finally ate on her own yesterday... even her veggies. Today, however, she won't touch the veggies, but is eating crickets better. Tuesday I get to start my photoshop class- I am OVERJOYED! In the spring I will take photoshop for photographers from UNM Continuing Ed. Those classes are a present to myself!

Speaking of UNM, that course request never went through. They wrote me back on Tuesday stating that they wanted a letter on an official letterhead, signed by my advisor stating that the course I am requesting to take at Anderson will transfer. Additionally, they expected it by the end of the next business day. My advisor is in Daytona Beach, returned my call two days later... making it too late. What a pain..... seriously.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bearded Dragon update

We 'bathed' the beardies this morning. By bathe, I mean soaked them in about inch deep luke warm water. It is good for them. Helps them shed and forces them to 'absorb' much needed water. I've been doing this twice a week, but am gonna up it to three times per week untill Lavern is doing a little better (Lavern is bloated and agitated).

This is Shirley below. She is the one that seems to really like being held. She never fights it and loves up to your hand for some pettin'
Lavern on the other hand tries jumping out of the water tub, runs from you and tries to get out of your hands untill you start petting her.. then she's hypnotised and good with it. (This is why I have no desire to hand feed her, because she doesn't really like hands- if she's bloated and in pain though... that could be why). sigh
Lavern was shedding majorly in the begining of the week. She is bigger than Shirley. Lavern seems bloated to the point that she is always propping her belly off the ground (even when she sleeps). From what I've been studying, it seems to be a gastrointestinal problem. I can't get her to eat veggies, or drink water. Don't wanna have to hand feed her these things with a dropper- but may have to. Hand feeding is more like force feeding. I'll have to get a baby medicine dropper, and feed her babyfood and water. I'll keep ya updated. I'm gonna watch her tomorrow, for signs of improvment. Below is photoqueen Lavern as she sheds like crazy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today, Today

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce (drumroll please)
Manny's teddy bear hampster Milo VonQuickenschteinen Milo doesn't realize that he's spose to be nocturnal "octurmal"- if you ask Cierra.
Anyway, he's been upduring the day, lately. Cierra n' I kidnapped him today to play with. Sooooo cute!

We were bored before we went out...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bearded Dragon Pictures

Here are the pictures!!!! Blogger wouldn't let me upload them the last couple of days. They were born in May, and EAT LIKE CRAZY! They are both baby girls, (drumroll) Lavern and Shirley! :o)
Curious babies...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Does anybody else???

I am very excited about my new Dell (which should ship early next week sometime). With a new computer, comes the need to organize cordage. I CANNOT wait for the day when everything is wireless. It's not long!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bought Myself Flowers Today

I bought Myself flowers today, because I'm worth it!
Took a bouquet of red tiger roses and mixed it a yummy yellow mix. I used to ALWAYS have flowers on my table in England. You could getthem at the markets are cheap '20 p' bundles along the sides of the road. (I kinda lived in the country). The flowers here are way pricier, and cookie-cutterish... I miss coneflowers, lillies and tulips soooo BAD! I know that's why I stopped that tradition. I bought these flowers at the Smiths off of Constitution close to UNM. I prefer to buy them at Whole Foods but didn't want to make a second trip!

Beardy Update: After sitting all night and turning the tank lights on first thing in the morning, the temps are steady and PEERFFECT! Tomorrow is when Cierra n I'll buy our new bearded dragon, otherwise Saturday'll have to do.

Cierra started school this past week. I'll post some pictures this weekend. SHE is driving me crazy because the child WILL NOT sleep. No matter WHAT time I put her to bed she is up until at least ten. It is ridiculous really. Nonetheless, she's loving school so far, and I am the official 'class mom'. I loves it! I get to do class art projects once a month and plan the parties! woot hoot! GOD I love not working at Dillards!

Cierra's teacher just moved here last year from Germany (her hubby's in the AF). She's super nice and slightly spazzy so I'm happy that Cierra got a GOOD teacher. I told her that I will be subbing once my application goes through, and she said she'd make sure who needs to know........ .does know, so that I can sub primarily at Wherry and Sandia.

My car is FINALLY fixed. Manny's bestest friend Al came over tonight and saved the day by helping me figure out what was wrong with my damn car. Manny saved my summer though- he let me drive his car till I could fix mine. He makes sure I don't stress about anything...I'm really lucky.

My Human Resources class (that I was supposed to take every Thurs. night for 8 weeks) got cancelled do to lack of enrollment. I am bummed. I called UNM to enroll there for a Graduate level class and I have to get permission from Anderson School of Management. Friggin JOY. I go next Wednesday to speak with the advisor and 'apply'. The UNM campus irritates me when parking, but Oh well... I'll go next week. Cross your fingers for me. ....

Tomorrow should be a fun and FULL day! Takin Cierra to school, then getting my oil changed, n running that baby through the car warsh. (It's been sittin in my parking lot for like two months). I may or may not get baby beardy at that time, so I can surprise Cierra after school (haven't decided yet). Then I'll run the counter at the shop til five. (thanks you guys for lettin me, by the way). Finally I will pick up Cierra and GO HOME! Valency is gonna hopefully bring Talullah (her teeny, tiny,squeezy, scrumptious baby puppy) over--- I bought yummy cheese n bread.

I invited Arianne, Nancy (who lives in South Santa Fe) and my friend Allison (who is moving back to France in three weeks)- but the ballet is still out on them.

Beer Goggles

Here is a link to a slightly entertaining Associated Press article about "beer goggles"; proving that scientifically this is true!

Oh! and if you're REALLY bored I am linking a 'lion fish' article that is also pretty neeto. They are reeking major havoc on the East Coast.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bearded Dragon Schtuff

So we are almost done settin up the bearded dragon tank. We put everything in its place. Now just need to make sure that the heat side of the tank gets hot enough( 90-100 degrees), and the cool side stays cool enough(70). The UVB lamp has a bit of a flicker to it, so I may need to replace. The picture below hyper exaggerates the rays- so you can see them. (It also exaggerates my want for a big red stage looking curtain for the window at the end of my living room) Ha! Here is is, dark shot. You are probably driving yourself crazy lookin for our baby dragon- NOT there yet! I want to make sure the tamps and lighting are correct before buying. The heat lamp (left) corner of the tank doesn't quite get bright enough, so I'll either have to buy a light emitting heat lamp (right now I just have the ceramic lamp), or up the wattage in the long UVB bulb. Anyway, if you're wondering why all the hub-ub about the lighting, it is simple. Bearded dragons, as well as need UVB full spectrum lighting to help their bodies produce Vitamin D. The deficiency cannot be replaced by supplements. A Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency can cause poor eating habits, dragons that sleep all the time, defects, tremors and even death. Anyway... enough about that. I promise to post more pictures once we BUY! :o) ssSO Sssuper excited!
I felt bad for my fishies gettin the tank set-up. I cleaned all my fish tanks/ bowls and dusted all my plants, I have a jungle this took forevvvver! I was supposed to do laundry tonight.. oh well. Maybe tomorrow- I'm good with that!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dallas 2008

Here are a few pictures from my trip. Didn't take a lot of pictures because I didn't take my camera to Hurricane HArbor of Six Flags. BAAAAd BlOggER!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Animal Planet Pics

This is Cierra's "Twitch" impersonation. (from So You Think You Can Dance) He is her favorite,and I was laughin like crazy as she did this face to EVERYONE we stopped next to at stop lights. We were in the flamed out BUG, everyone loves looking at the car anyway, so the fact that she was doing this as well, was pretty priceless- I was entertainined anyway. lol