Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Newly Framed Goodness

Yesterday I picked up my long-awaited framing order from Hobby Lobby. It was a huge 16x20 of Cierra and I that Manny took with my camera in the beginning of the summer . I've never had a camera with the ability to print pictures beyond 10x13, so I was curious to see how my Nikon that Manny gave me for Christmas would do. Anyway, I ordered the 16x 20 from Kodak, and got it framed during a 40% off custom framing sale. IT LOOKS AMAZING!
That is the one^ up there all framed and purdy! My wall had a large uneven spot, above my mantle, so this covered it nicely.

I made an appointment for my lizards with a lizard Doctor in Edgewood this coming Thursday.... it's gonna be a busy busy week! My sick lizard finally ate on her own yesterday... even her veggies. Today, however, she won't touch the veggies, but is eating crickets better. Tuesday I get to start my photoshop class- I am OVERJOYED! In the spring I will take photoshop for photographers from UNM Continuing Ed. Those classes are a present to myself!

Speaking of UNM, that course request never went through. They wrote me back on Tuesday stating that they wanted a letter on an official letterhead, signed by my advisor stating that the course I am requesting to take at Anderson will transfer. Additionally, they expected it by the end of the next business day. My advisor is in Daytona Beach, returned my call two days later... making it too late. What a pain..... seriously.

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Valency said...

Looks amazing! Neato bandito...

I'm stoked for Photoshop classes, too - did you find a copy? I'm trying to find the cheapest way to purchase it... ugh.

I wanna grab tea or something with you next week & catch up on life... sometimes Albuquerque feels like it's a million miles from Rio Rancho!

You are motivating me to blog... I'm off to write now!

Google 'gjurasicpark' to see my little sister's blog if you're bored...