Monday, August 25, 2008

Bearded Dragon update

We 'bathed' the beardies this morning. By bathe, I mean soaked them in about inch deep luke warm water. It is good for them. Helps them shed and forces them to 'absorb' much needed water. I've been doing this twice a week, but am gonna up it to three times per week untill Lavern is doing a little better (Lavern is bloated and agitated).

This is Shirley below. She is the one that seems to really like being held. She never fights it and loves up to your hand for some pettin'
Lavern on the other hand tries jumping out of the water tub, runs from you and tries to get out of your hands untill you start petting her.. then she's hypnotised and good with it. (This is why I have no desire to hand feed her, because she doesn't really like hands- if she's bloated and in pain though... that could be why). sigh
Lavern was shedding majorly in the begining of the week. She is bigger than Shirley. Lavern seems bloated to the point that she is always propping her belly off the ground (even when she sleeps). From what I've been studying, it seems to be a gastrointestinal problem. I can't get her to eat veggies, or drink water. Don't wanna have to hand feed her these things with a dropper- but may have to. Hand feeding is more like force feeding. I'll have to get a baby medicine dropper, and feed her babyfood and water. I'll keep ya updated. I'm gonna watch her tomorrow, for signs of improvment. Below is photoqueen Lavern as she sheds like crazy!

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Valency said...

Glad to see that Dr. Jen is on the case!!