Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bearded Dragon Schtuff

So we are almost done settin up the bearded dragon tank. We put everything in its place. Now just need to make sure that the heat side of the tank gets hot enough( 90-100 degrees), and the cool side stays cool enough(70). The UVB lamp has a bit of a flicker to it, so I may need to replace. The picture below hyper exaggerates the rays- so you can see them. (It also exaggerates my want for a big red stage looking curtain for the window at the end of my living room) Ha! Here is is, dark shot. You are probably driving yourself crazy lookin for our baby dragon- NOT there yet! I want to make sure the tamps and lighting are correct before buying. The heat lamp (left) corner of the tank doesn't quite get bright enough, so I'll either have to buy a light emitting heat lamp (right now I just have the ceramic lamp), or up the wattage in the long UVB bulb. Anyway, if you're wondering why all the hub-ub about the lighting, it is simple. Bearded dragons, as well as need UVB full spectrum lighting to help their bodies produce Vitamin D. The deficiency cannot be replaced by supplements. A Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency can cause poor eating habits, dragons that sleep all the time, defects, tremors and even death. Anyway... enough about that. I promise to post more pictures once we BUY! :o) ssSO Sssuper excited!
I felt bad for my fishies gettin the tank set-up. I cleaned all my fish tanks/ bowls and dusted all my plants, I have a jungle this took forevvvver! I was supposed to do laundry tonight.. oh well. Maybe tomorrow- I'm good with that!

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