Friday, January 30, 2009

My New Camera Necklace

I collect camera necklaces. I basically love my camera jewelery ALMOST as much as I love my Nikon. Anhyhoozer, My latest 'win' was this baby. I scored it for $2.99 on ebay. Have I ever told you how much I ADORE ebay???

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Perfect Shoe

"Cinderella is proof that the perfect pair of shoes can get you everywhere".

 A Countour line drawing, is a fancy name for a drawing using only lines to shade. I matted it on foamboard and framed it with a pre-cut bright red matte that I have an unusual amount of lying around my house.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Peace, Love, and Jerry Springer

Families all have their share of ups and downs. I am sure you can all relate!

I really want have shirts made for my trip back to Omaha in a few weeks. For laughter's sake. They would say, "Peace, Love and Jerry Springer". Here's my photoshopped concept; SEE!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Great Collage Project

January 23, 2009

I love collage!  Ask my mom, I cut up her polaroids when I was 10 and made her one...she nearly had a heart attack!

So on Wednesday I used all things black n' grey (charcoal, loose charcoal, ink, diluted ink, graphite, microns, etc) to make a large scale 'loose' form compilation of a bunch of organic items. Once it was all finished I decided to cut/rip up the thing to make a collage out of it.

The first is the whole thing- It's pretty huge. There a cactus stick thing, a fuzzy seed pod, wheat grass, a leaf, rock- you get the picture.

This was my favorite part--- I KNOW what it looks like, lol It's still my favorite part. whatev. .

I want to do this portrait of Bette Davis. ('Betty Davis Eyes'- Had that song in my head all weekend)

I took the photo and adjusted the levels, and posterized it in photoshop to get the difference in shades/ highlights here (below).

The fun part was what was transferred onto the 24x18 canvas, it took me forever and a lot of erasing to get it right, but partially because I'm slightly OCD about realism, and my graphites were straining not to break under my VERY tight grasp. Now I just have to cut up my original nature compilation and place the shades of grey accordingly. hopefully when I am finished it will resemble the portrait pretty closely. I'm excited! I will take pictures throughout the process.. more to come!

(UPDATE: January 28, 2009)
I pulled an all-nighter and finished my collage...It was so fun and calming... music and art, can't beat it!  I have pictures of earlier stages 
For now though....

Had a buyer offer to buy the framed and matted version for 700$, great offer, but not for sale.  More of these to follow...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Shop has been pretty busy lately; you can tell that spring is right around the corner and Christmas is over.

I just want to toot the boys' horn a little bit! Here are a couple of my FAVORITE pieces that they've done lately....

All photo's taken by yours truly!  It won't be hard to get some layouts published, they are breathtaking!

Here are a couple of pieces. (Manuel Vega)

Here are a couple of Jason's pieces. (Jason Radcliff)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day of the Dead

What does one do when she can't sleep? Be creative, of course! I was day-of-the-dead sick sick sick myself over the past couple of days. Now, (because I slept for days) I am WIDE a-friggin-wake!

Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot I did on Sunday. It was a Day of the Dead theme, which will eventually be a tattoo on Natalie's Hubkinzs' arm.

Hair, make-up, pictures and photoshoppage by yours truly!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Been a While

It's Been a While since I've posted anything.
Please accept my apologies!
I've been bogged down! I also decided I desperatley NEED NEED NEED a scanner! I have so many great things to show you! From my FAVE costume jewlery to kid art and other day-to-day randomness.

Here's a lil somethin somethin to keep ya entertained!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things: "THAT's what they meant in the Lion King..."

The other day, driving Cierra home from school, the following conversation took place:

Cierra: "Mom, I wish that nobody got old and only lived until they are forty."

Me: "Why forty?"

Cierra: "Cause forty is a good age, I don't think it's THAT old and people still look pretty when they are forty."
(At this point I began to think of how many fantastic forty-year-olds I know)

Me: "Would babies still be born?"

Cierra: "Yes, of course! Babies are great, they make people smile."

(I read her an article a few weeks ago about the social scientific reaction that people naturally have when they see babies... the response is smiles, even in men who don't inherently have the 'sense of nurturing'.)

Me: "Well, that would be great for a little while... but it could never work."

Cierra: "How come"

Me: "Well, because if babies continued to be born, and no-one died people would overrun the world. There would be too many of us..."

Cierra: "sigh, yeah, I did NOT think about that ma"

She was really quiet for a few minutes when out of no-where she said "SO THAT'S what they meant in the Lion King! At which point she began to sing obnoxiously..."the circle of of life....."

Friday, January 9, 2009

How to be Happy...

This video is slightly comical, yet true, so enjoy! The term 'be happy' reminds me of when Cierra was about three. Anytime she would get in trouble by me, she'd say "Beeee Happy mum". lol

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

School doesn't start until next week. I've been taking it easy, while collectively getting a wee bit behind in my current winter break Grad classes. Once again, I DO NOT know why on Earth I thought that was a good idea. Not much longer though, SO not complaining..... YET!

Sitting at the shop today we got to talking about animals. I told the guys about LaVern's pink nails. I painted my bearded dragon's nails pink about a month ago, and have done it with her weekly bath ever since. For a lack of anything better to blog about, I am posting pictures of my LaVern. (She measures about 15 inches now and is 8 months old)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Sunday from Cierra n' I!

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