Sunday, December 28, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

I'm not much for New Years resolutions, seriously. It is the realist in me. I don't like setting unrealistic goals, UNLESS I am prepared to actually accomplish them. I must say, I actually debated a New Years resolution this morning. This is what I ate.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas So Far

This morning started WAAAY rtoo early. Cierra woke me up a little after six-o-clock... ugggg. Her waking up so early wasn't a problem in years past. I would tell her, "Give me ten more minutes". That single statement would usually buy me at LEAST a half an hour. Now that she can tell time, it is not so easy.

We were up, opening pressies by 7ish. I am oh-so-tired now. Just dragged myself out of the couch after a two hour nap, still sluggish. I think the past month has just plain caught up with me...

Here is a lil collage from earlier, I plan on taking pictures at Azuma tonight when we go get Teppan, yums!

Merry Christmas People!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Added to me Bloggage

Just made a few little changes to my blog. I added a link to my Photography Portfolio----> over there.

I also added my blogger buddies, "Autobiography of a Material Girl" and "....bygones" to my reads list. Check em' out!

Oh! AND I made a Christmas "" video of the guys that I secretly posted to the Shops Myspace account. CTC's (Custom Tattoo Company's) Big Gay Christmas Video, featuring Jason Radcliff. I now definitely have a practical joke coming my way, this video officially asked for it. LOLZ~

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This weekend posed a lil bit of a challenge for me. For one of the shoots, she wanted to sort of mimick the Kat Von D PETA advertisement which looks like this:

This is what we came up with:

WHAT was I thinking?

I do believe my mind is in a Holiday/ Homework mushity moosh mush! It was my idea to take TWO online Grad courses over the months of November to February. I claim mental insanity, yes, yes, THAT has to be it!

My List of Things to do today looks like this:

Input more on group project 'Tata Group' for MGMT 672.
Post Case Study for MGMT 535.
Post GM company profile for MGMT 672.
E-mail advisor about February online course submissions (next term)

Upload J and K's baby pics from Sunday.
Follow-up with Alex and Stacy (e-mail)

Do tubes at shop...
Do monthly balance with accountant for shop by 5pm. (They are closed next week)

My Schtuff:
Buy Crickets for Lizards.
Buy lettuce for pig and lizards.
Buy chocolate chips for cookies.
Bake Cookies for C's Christmas Party tomorrow.
Cut cheese cubes for C's Christmas Party tomorrow.
Finish printing Bingo cards for C's class party tomorrow.

If I can just get through today/tonight, I will be home-free for a few days IN A ROW! Cierra is spending this weekend with her dad. No homework will be due again untill the day after Christmas. The Christmas party will be over, end-of-month will be finished early and I'll actually have a chance to breath!!! YESSSSSSSSSS.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Perfect Dress...errrr eh-umm Skirt

So tonight I took Cierra to see Santa at Coronado Mall. Aparently all of Albuquerque had the same idea. After standing in line for five minutes, Cierra struck a deal.

Cierra- "This line is really long huh Mom?"

Me- "Sigh, yes. I thought it would be though"

Cierra "Do you LIKE waiting in lines?"

Me- "No, not particularly"

Cierra- " I have an idea for us to do, wanna hear it?"

(I thought she was going to suggest a Christmas carol or patty cake game of some sort, this WAS NOT the case)

- "Did you bring money for a Santa picture?"

Me- "Yes.... How come?"

Cierra- "How about if we take pictures togther over there (pointing at the 3$ photo booth) and use the money for a Christmas dress instead. I really want to wear a dress to my Christmas Party on Friday. I can just mail my letter to Santa." (breath)

(Cierra is a typical girl in that she masters the skill of fitting WAAAY too many words in one breath of air.)

Me- "YESSSS! I think that is a GREAT idea!"

It actually made me laugh, and I was glad NOT to stand in that God-awful line. We ended up going to JCPenney's to look for the perfect Holiday dress. After sifting through racks and racks of dresses, we couldn't find any that were perfect.

Right when we were about to give up, Cierra gave out a gasp that even made the people around us look at her.... It was the perfect poofy, sparkly black skirt! Proof that the perfect piece of clothing trumps even Santa Clause!
My little girl is starting to grow up....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Shoot II

Here is a sample from the second Sunday shoot.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here are some inspiration/ reference shots for tomorrow....

We'll see what happens...


This is a complete list of "I Wants". It is my blog, and sometimes I forget what I want until I see it. I know I'm not the only one, so whatevs!
Cierra made me write a Santa list with her, so here is it SANTA lol.

I want to have my car fixed (that should be happening this week, coming up).

I want a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I want a new set of silverwear.... my spoons have mysteriously dissappeared!

I want a light box set-up to add to my photography shit, that I do not have space for!

I want a massively long (preferrbly 60") lizard tank, so I can put the retardo lizard in with the regular lizard.

I want a new printer, because I want to throw this shitty one over the terrace and watch it go splat into a bazillion different pieces...

I want my own Guitar Hero guitar, so I can put the smack down on Cierra all shred style.

I want one of those double papasan chairs from Pier 1.

I want a new laptop, with a nice HIGH resolution screen so I can actually see what I am doing while retouchin photographs.

I want a new tripod, mine broke (tonight).

I want a hanging iron pots n' pan rack thingy-ma-jig

I want the whole CS4 Creative Suite.

I want more Lancome Color Ideal I-30N foundation.

ooooo! I want new frames/ glasses.

I want a new belt for my buckles, old belt finally died. ;o( grrrowls

I want dark brown or grey tall uggs

I want more argoyle knee socks from Dillards.

I want a proper deep tissue massage, my back is ALL messed up.

I want a new bed/ matress, so I can just sell that futon... pretty sure that cintributes to me back issues...

I want an cell phone with a neato touch screen and full keypad.

I want the Maid Brigade for a weekend and a personal launder. ha ha

Okay, at this point, Cierra, told me I was taking too long. SO, SANTA, I do believe my list is complete............................................for now.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Life Expectancy

I took this life expectancy test. I'm sposed to live till I'm 94, based on the results. It was somethin to do... what can I say? Ha!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Handmade Sch-tuff

Rosy's cage has been done for some time. I've been meaning to post about it, but JUST got around to taking pictures!

The cage liner is made with carogated plastic on top of a contractors trash bag. I have extra to make a spare, but it sits behind the cage for the time being. Fleece lines her cage, but she'll only poo in one place if I have news paper down, so the newspaper is her bathroom. Her food is on the top level. I made the level with two medium cardboard tubes and an old cabinet door on top. I put felt on the cabinet door for traction. It is held there with velcro, so I can change it out if I need to.

I found this great round table at the thrift store down the street for ten bucks sometime ago. Valency gave me the black metal square shelf pieces. I attached valance, so I can hide stuff under the table. Manny welded AND taught me to weld at the same time. For the record... it is ALOT harder than it looks. Totally fun though. Here is a picture of a jewelry holder I welded all by me-self! woot woot!