Thursday, June 26, 2008


  • Counting Crows newest album is super mellow- but my new Fave to do homework to.
  • Must try the ffresh fruit sorbets at the newest gelato/cappucino shop next to Kurt's Camera Corral @ Nob Hill yum!
  • Sierra Nevada's Summerfest is a lil piece of Heaven..... wink wink
  • "So You Think You Can Dance" is my new T.V. obsession... Yes... I even VOTE!

I hand job.....

So tonight I was in a live chat with my Professor and two members of my case team for a damn Management class midterm I am in (and HATING).

I was typo-ing like an effin' idiot. Really... it was ridiculous.

I said, "I am new to this love chat thing" (instead of 'live chat')

THEN to top it off I said "I hand job" (instead of "I HAD a JOB")

Um, yeah, I GOT NOTHIN"

Latest Shoot

I did a mini shoot for my buddy Jina who completed her preliminary Suicide Girls application last week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swim Swim Swim

About to be her turn for swim test... freestyly baby freestyle...

Diving for starburst...

Cierra finished up her first (goldfish) level of swim lessons on Friday. They had a swim test. She swam freestyle fifty meters without the assistance of her Instructor Ms. Savannah- woo Hoooo.. I'm prouda her!

Cierra's Alien Goop Hair Mishap.... deja vue

And.. she manages to do it again, only this time instead of trying to curl her wet hair with a comb... she made a necklace with her 'alien goop slime'. When she attempted to take it off, it got tangled BAD> as you can see. SHe had to soak in a hot tub, and have her hair washed five times- It came off in weird layers. I had to use a fine toothed comb. Ugggg.

Cierra's Red Riding Hood Performance

On Friday, Cierra did her first performance with lines. The Mizoula Children's Theatre hosted Red Riding Hood. Cierra's part was part of the 'wolf gang'. Her lines were 'Aww nuts!". She was stoked... here are some pictures from it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

busy Busy BuSy

I have been neglecting my blog like crazy lately. Between my single class, Cierra's swim lessons and the make-up n' photography things I've been busier now then when I HAD a job! How does that happen?
I am overdue for picture posts, which will follow with the coming weekend! Today I am doing a photo shoot for a 'Shop Press Release" for Custom Tattoo Co. Tomorrow is Cierra's Mazula Theatre Company's performance (Little Red Riding Hood), and finally Saturday is the long awaited Fashion Show.

I just got word that they've given me the male model in addition to my two girl models- I've got exactly three hours to get all of them ready (both girls will have falsies both on top and bottom lash line)- red bull it is.... I'm not sure what to expect with the guy. He is 'the Mad Hatter', has a really nice body, but needs 'correcting' and contouring. Ambiguous...description; should be a VERY interesting day! I'll keep everyone posted and will post pics AS SOON as a have a moment to EXHALE!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What I've Been Doin...

I've just plain been busy like crazy!!!! The following blogs (plus Cierra's swim lessons, and my computer crashing have givin me quite the week!) This blog has some yummy yummy pictures of the kast kids' photo shoot from this past weekend! We had alot of fun! Enjoy!!

More of what I've been workin on!

Baby Bella and Marie at the park for some photo's. Bella wasn't havin' it- but the weather was peeerrrfect for this shoot! ;O) And Marie looks Fab!