Thursday, June 12, 2008

busy Busy BuSy

I have been neglecting my blog like crazy lately. Between my single class, Cierra's swim lessons and the make-up n' photography things I've been busier now then when I HAD a job! How does that happen?
I am overdue for picture posts, which will follow with the coming weekend! Today I am doing a photo shoot for a 'Shop Press Release" for Custom Tattoo Co. Tomorrow is Cierra's Mazula Theatre Company's performance (Little Red Riding Hood), and finally Saturday is the long awaited Fashion Show.

I just got word that they've given me the male model in addition to my two girl models- I've got exactly three hours to get all of them ready (both girls will have falsies both on top and bottom lash line)- red bull it is.... I'm not sure what to expect with the guy. He is 'the Mad Hatter', has a really nice body, but needs 'correcting' and contouring. Ambiguous...description; should be a VERY interesting day! I'll keep everyone posted and will post pics AS SOON as a have a moment to EXHALE!

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