Sunday, December 14, 2008


This is a complete list of "I Wants". It is my blog, and sometimes I forget what I want until I see it. I know I'm not the only one, so whatevs!
Cierra made me write a Santa list with her, so here is it SANTA lol.

I want to have my car fixed (that should be happening this week, coming up).

I want a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I want a new set of silverwear.... my spoons have mysteriously dissappeared!

I want a light box set-up to add to my photography shit, that I do not have space for!

I want a massively long (preferrbly 60") lizard tank, so I can put the retardo lizard in with the regular lizard.

I want a new printer, because I want to throw this shitty one over the terrace and watch it go splat into a bazillion different pieces...

I want my own Guitar Hero guitar, so I can put the smack down on Cierra all shred style.

I want one of those double papasan chairs from Pier 1.

I want a new laptop, with a nice HIGH resolution screen so I can actually see what I am doing while retouchin photographs.

I want a new tripod, mine broke (tonight).

I want a hanging iron pots n' pan rack thingy-ma-jig

I want the whole CS4 Creative Suite.

I want more Lancome Color Ideal I-30N foundation.

ooooo! I want new frames/ glasses.

I want a new belt for my buckles, old belt finally died. ;o( grrrowls

I want dark brown or grey tall uggs

I want more argoyle knee socks from Dillards.

I want a proper deep tissue massage, my back is ALL messed up.

I want a new bed/ matress, so I can just sell that futon... pretty sure that cintributes to me back issues...

I want an cell phone with a neato touch screen and full keypad.

I want the Maid Brigade for a weekend and a personal launder. ha ha

Okay, at this point, Cierra, told me I was taking too long. SO, SANTA, I do believe my list is complete............................................for now.

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