Monday, December 1, 2008

Handmade Sch-tuff

Rosy's cage has been done for some time. I've been meaning to post about it, but JUST got around to taking pictures!

The cage liner is made with carogated plastic on top of a contractors trash bag. I have extra to make a spare, but it sits behind the cage for the time being. Fleece lines her cage, but she'll only poo in one place if I have news paper down, so the newspaper is her bathroom. Her food is on the top level. I made the level with two medium cardboard tubes and an old cabinet door on top. I put felt on the cabinet door for traction. It is held there with velcro, so I can change it out if I need to.

I found this great round table at the thrift store down the street for ten bucks sometime ago. Valency gave me the black metal square shelf pieces. I attached valance, so I can hide stuff under the table. Manny welded AND taught me to weld at the same time. For the record... it is ALOT harder than it looks. Totally fun though. Here is a picture of a jewelry holder I welded all by me-self! woot woot!

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