Thursday, December 18, 2008

WHAT was I thinking?

I do believe my mind is in a Holiday/ Homework mushity moosh mush! It was my idea to take TWO online Grad courses over the months of November to February. I claim mental insanity, yes, yes, THAT has to be it!

My List of Things to do today looks like this:

Input more on group project 'Tata Group' for MGMT 672.
Post Case Study for MGMT 535.
Post GM company profile for MGMT 672.
E-mail advisor about February online course submissions (next term)

Upload J and K's baby pics from Sunday.
Follow-up with Alex and Stacy (e-mail)

Do tubes at shop...
Do monthly balance with accountant for shop by 5pm. (They are closed next week)

My Schtuff:
Buy Crickets for Lizards.
Buy lettuce for pig and lizards.
Buy chocolate chips for cookies.
Bake Cookies for C's Christmas Party tomorrow.
Cut cheese cubes for C's Christmas Party tomorrow.
Finish printing Bingo cards for C's class party tomorrow.

If I can just get through today/tonight, I will be home-free for a few days IN A ROW! Cierra is spending this weekend with her dad. No homework will be due again untill the day after Christmas. The Christmas party will be over, end-of-month will be finished early and I'll actually have a chance to breath!!! YESSSSSSSSSS.....

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