Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latex Free Pumkin Pie

AGES ago, in England, I was going to my buddy Valency's house for Thanksgiving. I was always responsible for baking all the pies. That Thanksgiving, I'd just had my nails done and decided to save dough-filled nails, by kneeding with latex gloves. The pies turned out wonderful. I made an extra pumpkin pie just for Valency's babes, Shane.

A few days after the feast, I was talking with Valency who proceeded to tell me about Shane's puffy face. Apparently he was having a very strange reaction to something. She went on to tell me that the only other time that has happened is when he comes in contact with latex. I had COMPLETELY forgot that I used latex gloves to kneed the pie dough with..

Oh God....

I quickly spilled my guts to my friend with hopes she wouldn't completely hate me for the attempt on her husband's life. To my relief she laughed her ass off, and called Shane to tell him.


From that Thanksgiving on, I am glad to say that all my pies are LATEX FREE!

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