Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Politics vs. Beer

I am a firm believer that politics should NEVER be talked about at bars. Tonight at Monte Vista after the Football game watchers left (AZ/ SF game), you could here loud screams coming from the back of the bar. Apparently someone felt he should voice his political view to his dearest friends. All five of his buddies did not agree with him, leaving him to be an annoylingly loud, drunken mess of a man. These men were your typical 'English major' types, who evidently didn't get the memo that you shouldn't tuck in your polo shirts to your cargo jeans- it looks retarded. For that matter, just do away with your polo's; you look like my dad.

It didn't take long for Jeff the bartender to kick him out.

A pint in peace is priceless!

Now THAT should be a Visa commercial!

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