Friday, October 24, 2008

WHAT A DAY... hummmmp.

This morning when I dropped Cierra off at school, she shouted this as she was leaving:

"Bye Mom! Don't forget to finish sewing my costume for tonight's Fall Festival at the Youth Center!"


I tried to finish sewing her costume..I REALLY did. BUT it was not happenin'. McCalls patterns are not known for their 'ease of sewing'. I usually buy Simplicity or Butterick patterns, but this time they didn't have the right dress!

Since I couldn't manage to finish her Snow Queen dress, I left a little early from the shop and headed to the Dollar Store and Big Lots. I scored a long wig for ONE DOLLAR! I Picked up a highschool musical dress, that looked more like mermaid dress at Big Lots for $5.99. After that I hopped over to my house for my make-up kit and went straigh to The Fall Festival.

My living room floor looks like this till I'm done with her costume!!!


Tori said...

Wow, what a beautiful daughter! In and out of costume! I hear ya on the hasty costume making--I've done that for myself many times.

You've got a gift for photography. And photoshop, lol! Keep writing, and keep taking pictures, too!

Butchie said...