Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mouse Up Her Sleve... Literally

Today, was quite a day! It began at 5am-uggness! We woke up bright and early for the Balloon Fiesta Launch. I had to bribe my child out of bed with promises of Dunkin Donuts! I bribed myself with coffee. I absolutely adore Dunkin Donuts coffee! It is STRONG, CHEAP and MUDDY! I'll post pictures from Balloon Fiesta at some point tomorrow! We are going to the Glowdeo tomorrow night, so I'll just do a mass Balloon Fiesta post at some point... BUT not tonight!

The best part out of the whole day, happened at the close of a VERY busy, long day as I was cooking dinner.

It is Cierra's job to change the mice food every night. We have three mice, Chester, Snowflake and Ruby. They are completely nocturnal and usually begin getting started as we are finishing dinner. If you've ever seen mice at the pet store, you know that they are fast lil guys! Cierra has wanted to hold the mice since we got them, over a month ago, however, they don't agree with her. I'm good with that, I'm pretty sure if they got out, we'd never catch them.......alive.

Anyway, as she was complaining about how skunky they truly are, she completely froze. I caught her movement out of the corner of my eye and the following proceeded.....

She began doing the bug dance. The bug dance is the dance you do when you think there is a bug on you. Don't EVEN act like you've never done the bug dance... we've all done the bug dance!

WHILE she's doing the 'bug dance', with her body, she has her arm completely suspended over the tank. Her arm, however, looked like a 'statue arm'!

During the 'bug dance' and 'statue arm', she was screaming at the top of her lungs the way we do when our brains talk faster than our mouths can output coherent words.....

At this point, I can make out "MOOOOOOM!!!!! MOOOUUSSSSSEE IN MY SLEEEEEEEVE TAAIL... Just grab the TAIL!"....

We've never grabbed the mice by their tails because, as Manny would say, "It's just Rude!".

Apparently, the exception is when the mouse takes it upon herself to crawl up the inside of your sleeve. While I was attempting to get her out of Cierra's sleeve, she was wriggling her way further up it. This caused an even more chaotic 'bug dance', 'statue arm' escapade accept with the added component of the 'opera scream'.

(I've also seen grown men do the 'opera scream', or should I say man- Macho Man Dart Boy who to this day holds the record in making me pee myself over HIS fear of spiders. He'd argue it was black widows.. NOT just ANY spiders.)

So, after Cierra's perfect execution of the 'bug dance'/ 'opera scream'/ 'statue arm', I finally got Ruby, the mouse, out of her sleeve. The poor thing was shaking as much as Cierra was. During this whole escapade, I couldn't help not laughing. Actually, I haven't laughed that hard (at my child's expense) in a long time. Cierra WAS NOT happy that I found it so bloody funny.

I promptly pulled up an OLD Tom and Jerry video off of You Tube where basically the same thing happened.. THEN she laughed!

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