Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Horrible Person...

Yesterday Dillard's called me, I ignored the call, as usual. When I listened to my message, it was my old boss, Angela, telling me about the Lancome Gift with Purchase that begins on Tuesday.

I used to work for Lancome at Dillard's. Being a Beauty Advisor has its ups and working for Dillard's has its DOWNS! ThanksGOD, I'm not there anymore! However, the Lancome/Loreal company truly is wonderful!

Anyway, Dillard's canned me in March due to excessive absences. Excessive to Dillard's is three in a six month period. During that six month period my child had strep, and my ex refused to pick her up for me, forcing me to leave work and miss one full day. Even though I had a Doctors note for the two days I missed, it was during blackout period, meaning that I was Shit-Outta-Luck!

(Dillards' Blackout: between October and January; Months in which there are absolutely no excused absences/ tardies, even with a Dr's note)
I guess they expected me to find my sick child a sitter. I have no family in this state and they are RETARDED!
Long story, short, I was 'terminated'. Shortly after that I filed for unemployment, they appealed, I hired an amazing Unemployment lawyer, and promptly won my claim against them.
I ALWAYS make it a point to buy the gift with purchase with my Unemployment money that they pay me. It feeds my bitterness. There is always somebody that is curious 'what I am doing'. I get to smile and tell them, "Still claiming Unemployment and taking a full course-load towards me Master's". I usually throw in how it is so nice not to work weekend and nights anymore. LOL
Does this make me a horrible person? Probably... but I'm a happy horrible person, so screw off!

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deanna said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really like that makeup job you did for that bride! You are really talented with makeup! Just curious, what state are you from?