Monday, October 6, 2008

Cold Grean Beans and Cheap Wine

When I got home from class tonight, I tossed some buffalo chicken nuggets in the micro, and poured myself a pint of Pinot Grigio..... and YES, I said PINT. Between the cooking of the nuggets, which I failed to mention weren't meant to be microwaved......EVER, I dropped my whole wine glass holder, shattering my only three wine glasses. I was starving and frustrated, so I grabbed a pint glass and filled it with yummness. At that point, my nasty nuggets still had two minutes left to cook. Apparently, two minutes is entirely too long to wait for a growingly frustrated me; Instead of cooking my beans, I just ate them straight out of the can. It's been a cold green beans and cheap wine kinda day.

In the meantime, I was talking to my friend Marie, who informed me that I missed her Birthday on Saturday. Fucking great. To be honest, I haven't talked to her in well over two weeks. I put her in "Jen timeout" while her scum boyfriend was here 'visiting'. By 'visiting', I mean going to trial for HITTING her. I still get bugged talking to her sometimes, but she is the friend (everybody has one), who asks for advice with no intentions of EVER using it. I do love her, she's my friend... but I really do wanna strangle the sense into her most of the time.
I got off the phone with her before I proceeded to break all my wine glasses. I do believe I told her I'd call her back... that was over an hour ago... urrgg

I swear I wasn't stressed, or aggravated this morning. Somehow between morning coffee and now, I am a mess. I'm sure the fact, that my daughter yakked right before I took her to school today, missing the toilet and skimming my make-up kit had a good hand in starting it. OR maybe it was the fact that I was being a needy girlfriend and didn't get what I 'needed'. (You see, he is supposed to know what I need all the time, even when I don't lol). I put myself in a time out tonight, for HIS sake! Finally, add to the fact that I still haven't received the last two weeks of Unemployment pay due to me having to file the Federal Extension IN PERSON.

I just wanna go lay down in my nice warm bed and pretend that I don't have any responsibilities nagging at my every move... but then this homework wouldn't get done now WOULD it?

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