Monday, October 20, 2008

Balloon Fiesta 2008 Pictures

Here are the pictures from this years International Balloon Fiesta. It took me a bit because I wanted to make a digital collage, so all the pics wouldn't take up so much room! The first collage is from the early morning launch on Wednesday October 8th, 2008. We woke up at 5:00 am, stopped at Dunkin Donuts and headed to the launch. It was EARLY, but super fun. We camped out on the hood of the car with about five blankets, our donuts and a camera. When they all launched we headed to a side street off of Paseo called El Pueblo. It was a landing point. Got some great up close pictures- they were beautiful! The next evening, Thursday, October 9th 2008 was the International Balloon Fiesta Glodeo, were all the 'special shapes' balloons 'glow'! There was about 50 bazillion people there-uggg. The fireworks were amazing! The cow is me and Cierra's FAVORITE- it is SOOOO BIG!

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last year's girl said...

Wow, those shots look stunning!