Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mermaid Mush

I am taking a break from my massive mound of homework to tell you all what happened tonight.

Apparently, my seven year old thinks she is a mermaid swimming wildly through the deep blue sea. I heard her splashing around, but didn't think anything of it, mainly because I was engrossed in Photoshopage. Once I get in the 'groove' I really HATE stopping for anything. This explains why most of my photoshoping is done between the hours of 9m and 2am.

Fast Forward ten minutes; I heard water dripping in my downstairs bathroom. (The bath upstairs is directly above it).

"Did I leave the sink on?", I asked myself.

(If I didn't talk to myself throughout the day, I would NEVER make it)

I dragged myself away from the computer, yelled up to Cierra that it was time to get out and took a look in my downstairs bathroom. The ceiling was leaking straight through, one droplet at a time. I don't mind the water, since I needed to mop anyway. What I DO mind, is the fact that the fancy-scha-mancy body powder I recently bought at Sephora, was all over the floor as well. THIS BUGGED. It was all mushy and gross. I had kid-induced mermaid mush!

Once she was out of the tub and in her pajama's, I went upstairs to inspect the bathroom floor. She was trying desperately to be slick and soaked it all up with her towel. The funny thing is, the towel was SO wet that it was dripping onto the floor.

Me: "Why is that towel so wet?"

Cierra: "I decided to mop the floor for you mom.", smiling proudly.

Me: "Ya missed a spot" winking at her with my arms crossed

Cierra: " I can get it for you tomorrow, after I take my bath."

Me: "Hmmm, I'm sure you will. Follow me downstairs for a minute..."

Cierra: "Why?"

Me: "Uh... Well... Because I said so..."

We trudge downstairs and into the bathroom (the ceiling was still dripping a little).

Me: "Know what that's from?"

Cierra: "Yeah, it's from the pipes, you should call the apartment fixer guy."

Me: "OR you could NOT 'mop' the floor for me"

Cierra: "OOOHHH, okay. Sorry mom"

Me: "So... what's up? Did you have fun playing mermaid?"

Cierra: 'Yeah, I wish it was summer again. I love swimming in the big pool and pretending that I'm a mermaid, but the bathtub works just fine for now."

And, THAT was how I busted Cierra for creating mermaid mush!

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