Thursday, September 18, 2008


Lately, I've been doing a lot more photo- schtuff. I love it! I pour myself into it and LOVE being able to fudge around in Photoshop with the photographs. I've only gotten paid for a few 'jobs' and mainly use what I do now as a 'portfolio builder'. My name is not on my photographs, I try to give people what they want, but still get the shots I want as an artist. The problem is, even though I don't charge, I still mentally put a worth to the shoots that I do. The only people who truly comment, and give me good and bad feedback are Manny, the guys at the shop, Valency and Cierra. That being said, I've developed a raging new pet peeve!

I'll tell you the recent couple of things that have really BUGGED!

Instance Numbero UNO:

First, I did a shoot for my hairdresser, who is fabulous in her own right. She has two little girls and I wanted to do a shoot with them to build the 'children's' section of my portfolio. She asked me the night before the shoot if I could do the whole family, with the agreement that we'd trade for hair. Yay! Trade! It makes the world go around! I get my hair cut and high/ low lighted every two months by her. I was stoked! (A couple of the pics are posted in the blog above)

So I did the 180 picture shoot with them at the duck pond, everything went well. I just had my hair appointment Tuesday... I still paid 70 bucks. Apparently she forgot to mention that the 'trade' was for the 15$ haircut portion of 'hair'. Wow, thanks? I think..... I kinda thought my work was worth a lot more than that, but whatever.

I only put about 25 to 30 jpegs on the disk for her, meh.

The icing on the cake..... absolutely NO feedback. No nothing.....

Instance Numbero Two-O

I was runnin' the counter at the shop on Tuesday and one of the ladies getting worked on asked me to take her pictures during the whole process. Manny was telling her about my pictures. (I bring my camera to the shop frequently to get pictures of the guys' work for publications). She is in the process of getting a half sleeve- I totally understand wanting to document that part of your life. Your skin will never be the same! :o) Anyway, I snapped some for her and got her e-mail address to e-mail them. (A couple of the cool ones are posted in the blog above this).

The VERY next day, she called me to ask if I sent them yet. She tried to play it off like she 'may have accidentally erased them'. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bugged. I told her flat out, "No, I didn't even have the chance to upload them yet"! (uhhhh, a full 24 hours hadn't even passed yet). I was parked at my computer for five hours last night after Cierra went to bed, so I got them all 'fixed' and e-mailed to her. I am bugged about that whole thing, because if you are gonna call me to nudge me, then at least have the common courtesy to shoot me an e-mail that you got them.... grrrrrr.

Oh well, that is how it goes, I suppose.

I'm going to bed, I go to school with Cierra on Friday mornings to help out! Another early morning, long day ahead!

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