Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lizard Stuff

The other day we came home to see LaVern shedding like we've NEVER seen! She's that fatty of the two! You can see the difference in her growing 'beard' if you compare to anorexic Shirley under this picture being fed by dropper...
Every morning and night I blend up some babyfood, romaine, dandelion greens, veggies and her calorie boosting with vi tams supplement (specifically for 'calorie deficient' dragons). She's getting quite good at it. I don't have to force her anymore, which is a good thing. She still won't touch the crickets. I keep a bearded dragon pellet available all day and night for her as well as her cut greens. Today I bought a couple of wax worms and put them in her pellet food. She ate them, a long with some of her pellets. I think I found an in! Wax worms are high in fat, but if I can get her weight up, maybe she'll FINALLY be interested in crickets. sigh... this is gettin to be a lot of work!When she's done... she's done. She'll close her mouth at start walkin around. Sometime I can talk her into more- lol. Cierra finds it wildly entertaining.

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