Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bridal Makeover

Bridal Makeover went very well today! Only took me 45minutes (she didn't need falsies) and she tipped me ten bucks! Whoo Hoo! It was pretty funny because I did her makeup at a family salon named Estelle's. I was the only white girl in the shop, and definitely the only tattooed person. The older ladies were whispering, I think they were a little scared. LOL

I am the miracle-worker with my kit- yes... yes I am tootin my own horn!
By the end of the make-over the owner asked me if she could keep my business cards at the front counter, because Irene looked AMAZING! he he
I used MAC studio fix foundation (had to mix two colors). I used a super sheer yellow based concealer before and after foundation to cancel out red spots. Very light pink blush with a highlighter by Prescriptives on the high points of her cheeks.
Super Smoky Eyes: eyeshadow based was MAC eggshell 'paints'. I used Lancome brown artliner, with Lancome 'eggplant' eye shadow smudged over to soften the line. The inner-corner of her eyes are 'pink icing'- MAC, contour is 'beauty mark'- MAC. Lancome 'plum' lip liner all over the lip with pale pink gloss over. Lancome Curve Virtuose Deep Black Mascara.

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Valency said...

OMFG That is NOT the same person in those two pictures!! You go ahead and toot that horn, woman! I am reeeeeally impressed - wow wow wow.