Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early Start

Today started entirely too early!

Took Cierra to school, n' took myself to school.
I nearly gave my Instructor a heart attack-lol. We had to manipulate the tie of this gay looking cartoon character, so I decorated the tie the way I was supposed to, except changed the colors.

I then used my pen tool to script "I Like Boys" on the cartoon dudes gay tie. I'd attach it, but it's a PS file (needa "stumble" across Photoshop CS 3 for my computer) lol I made another copy of the 'correct' way as well. Long story short she kinda gasped and smirked. When I showed her the right one, she appreciated it. Now the OLD guy next to me calls me 'Trouble'. When I say old... he truly is ( late 70's maybe). I call him Vern, even though it isn't his name. Old men make me laugh. Anyway, next week, we are going to start manipulating photos of our own. I'll be sure to post before and afters of the good ones!

When I was done with class, Manny took me for a surprise ride on his bike. It was the PERFECT day for it! We ended up stopping to eat at Perico's on Yale. The he dropped me off at home, so I could go to school and pick up Cierra. Utterly perfect! swoon

I picked Cierra up early from school because the lizards Dr.'s appointment was at 4pm in Edgewood (Zoo Animal Hospital). He gave Shirley (my sick beardy), an antibiotic and a de-wormer. He told me to immediately separate them, and to keep Shirley's tank temp higher than normal, so she can get better. When reptiles are stressed, they will not eat and she was showing classic 'failure to thrive' signs of being stressed. Lavern has almost doubled her in size, so she was getting trampled.

I had an extra UVB bulb, and traded in my current 40 w ceramic bulb for a 150w ceramic bulb. The tank was only 30 bucks (Clarks), and is 30" long. Got home and had to re-arrange everything for the newest tank- sheesh! There are fish and lizards everywhere! lol

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