Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

Today was really good and busy! This morning I had coffee with Valency, at Satellite. (This is becoming a Wed. morning tradition). I had a large skinny Hazelnut Latte-- Good thing I chose LARGE!

Stopped by Urban Outfitters for about ten minutes, and FELL IN LOVE! They have such great toys and chach-kis! I tried the new Betsy Johnson Perfume. It is a little more powdery than I usually like, but absolutely adore this fragrance! After that, I went to the shop and scrubbed like crazy. We pretty much spent the day cleaning. My throat kinda hurts from Clorox fumes. Oh well. It is coming together and looking great!

Cierra is doing good. School is going smoothly and we are gonna do the Fair thing on Sunday. I will definitely take pictures!
My scanner isn't working and I can't figure it out. When I do, I'll blog some pictures Cierra drew for me. They are heavenly! She is starting to add a lot of detail to her little sketches.
Kid Art Rocks! On that note, I want to organize an artshow at her school. It will appropriately be called "Kid Art Rocks 2008". It is looking good at this point! I'll keep you all posted!

So, I tried tricking my anorexic dragon into eating crickets. I put three wax worms in her pellet food dish with three calcium dusted crickets (that I cut the back legs off of, so they'd look like worms). SHE STILL didn't touch the damn crickets. I am so BUGGED at her right now! lol I tortured those pour crickets for nothing. Why can't she just put them out of their misery and EAT THEM?????

I can feed her meal worms, because they are nutritionally close to crickets, but there is a meal worm shortage EVERYWHERE, until the end of next week sometime!

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