Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet Rosy Brown

So, we had a hamster, Lola for about 8 days when she caught 'wet tail'. Wet tail is a fatal disease common among Teddy Bear Hamsters. It was a fiasco and Cierra cried the whole way to the pet store to return Lola. I felt soooooo BAD! Once we got there, the lady took a look at her and said it hadn't advanced much and she had a REALLY good chance of making it. We left that day with three mice to calm Cierra down(Chaster, Ruby and Snowflake). Mice are really fun to watch!
In the days following, we called to check on Lola. She was doing really well.
Sunday, after a full day at the amusement park, I thought it's be a good idea to go check on Lola. When we got there, the Manager told us that she didn't make it...
Cierra pulled on my shirt and asked, "What does 'didn't make it' mean mom?".
I told her that Lola went to Hamster Heaven and died at which point her eyes promptly filled with tears.
"We didn't even get to bury her", Cierra cried.
The Manager took Cierra by the hand and showed her the newest teddybear hamsters.
Cierra pulled away, looked her dead in the eyes and said, "I do NOT want another hamster from here!"
The lady pushed the hamster bin back gently and let out a nice big sigh.
Cierra took her hand and said, "What bout one of THOSE!" (pointing at the guinea pigs)
Long story short, the lady traded our dead hamspter for Ms. Rosy Brown, our new guinea pig. I had a 20% off coupon and used it toward a cage package. Not gonna lie, I really couldn't afford it otherwise. Rosy is THE best pet ever. She's super chill and SMART!

Y Ms. Rosy Brown Y
I'll get better pictures at some point, but these work for now!

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