Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whoa Money- Wierd Money

My dad blew up my phone tonight, which was a little weird considering how late it was. Apparently while he was watching Dateline tonight, there was a story on 'Unlcaimed Property/ Money'. There was a National link that you could go to to see if you have any sort of hidden moola anywhere. Dateline used it to research some lost funds and hooked them up with people. Here is the link if you are interested:

When my dad followed the 'see if you have missing money' link at the bottom of the page. He just put his last name and 'search all states'. He didn't see his name anywhere,but did see my name listed in Arizona (where I lived for six months before I moved to New Mexico with my ex-husband). Anyway, it may only be a dollar or something- who knows; it is more than I have now! I filed the claim with the AZ Department of Revenue Claim for Unclaimed Property. (I'm pretty sure it is just a state tax refund from income taxes, but who knows) weird....

Thanks dad!

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