Sunday, July 6, 2008


I haven't blogged lately because I was pissed. Nanc had good advice on her blog when she said; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't blog (say) anything at all."
There was yet another Cierra (my daughter)upset over the fourth of July weekend. Her dad was supposed to spend the fourth of July with her, and 'something came up'. It broke my heart because I know how excited she was to have him pretty much all to herself. She got to stay with his parents instead. Thank God for Cierra's aunt Stacy taking her to the pool- otherwise she would have been bored straight.

I was pissed because it is me who always has to explain 'why' to her. Unfortunately she is afraid to talk to him about how she feels, and I quote, 'because he'll get angry at me' and 'Coral (the girlfriend) gives me mean looks mom'. Because of this, it leaves him believing she is fine and puts me in a shitty position. I spoke with her yesterday, she wants to come home. She asked me what I was wearing, so I told her then promptly asked, "why?". She said, "Because I'm pretending I am there with you." I almost cried...

Hopefully he talks to her on the way home, because she could really use it. I waited to blog because I was so undeniably pissed, I may have said some pretty messed up things.

My stomach was knotty because of that all weekend, but had a nice fourth anyway. Started with water aerobics on Friday morning (Manny went too)- it was VERY entertaining. Those old ladies were busting his balls... they even gave him pink noodles to use. lol The gym had a BBq, that was really cool. Free food and music. Laid by the pool for a couple of hours, then went home to get all purdy. Spent the night at Pat's in the valley eating yummy skirt steak, homemade salsa, and blowing up lots of illegal fireworks!

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