Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My latest Distractions

I've got nothing worth while to blog about, SO, I will just tell you all about my latest distractions.

The first is www.addictinggames.com I've been playing Territory Wars, Mahjong, and some weird bubble game. Yes, this is one of the things I've been doing when I should be doing laundry- or other monotonous things.

The second is www.harajukulovers.com I just love this Japanese stuff. You can get the accessories at Macy's, but the selection isn't as good as the website.

Tootin' my own horn:

I've been working on my magazine editor contacts for the shop's press packs because the lady (Joy) I normally talk to is a journalist for easyrider's now. booooo How dare she get promoted? I got a response today from Frenchie (Tattoo and Tattoo Flash magazine editor). We have ourselves a deal!~ woot woot!
Guess you just gotta know what to ask. wink wink

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