Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boring Week

I saw Space Chimps last night with Cierra and her bestest friend Alexis. It was just... good, the girls really liked it though. The storyline was typical. There is a villain, an impossible mission and love. It is amazing the things they can do with computer animation....
Had sort-of a boring week. On a very cool note, I believe I found myself a stats. tutor for my damn analysis class and the test is NOT open notes- SUCK. Oh well, it's only 20% of my grade, so as long as I get everything else in I SHOULD be okay. The other class I am in ends next week, and I haven't even started my fifteen page paper. OH Jen- why art thou a procrastinator? Even so, I'm really not worried.

Cierra's swim lesson were cancelled because not enough kids signed up for her level. She'll get to do stroke clinics once the school year begins though. She's a little friggin fish.

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